Win95 to be 32bit in 1997! Whoppie!

Win95 to be 32bit in 1997! Whoppie!

Post by Bill Oconn » Tue, 13 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Quote:>On Wed, 31 Jan 1996 14:06:58 GMT,

>>>>Mike, of course you can load Dos drivers under OS/2, and it does
>>>>it much better that Win 95 could ever hope to.
>>>Bill, you're right about the real-mode drivers in a VDM. But, what
>>>OS/2 cannot do is loading real-mode drivers into the OS itself,
>>Of course, that's because OS/2 is not Dos.
>>>Now, in Win95 you can load the DOS driver in the config.sys, and use
>>>the CD-drive in the whole OS, including Explorer etc.
>>Of course, that's because Win 95 IS Dos.
>So, Bill...if Win95 is DOS then it should run under OS/2 shouldn't it?
>Out of idle curiosity, does it?

Jack, I'm told it does.  I haven't really tried it myself.  Not

Others here have reported that it does run with OS/2.

BTW, I trimmed all Win advocacy from the newsgroups line in an
effort to try to keep the "munchkin" activity here down to a
"dull" roar.


Bill OConnor

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1. Win95 to be 32bit in 1997! Whoppie!

Well, they don't have to...isn't NT an "all" 32-bit Microsoft OS?? I
don't see the relevance of the above quote because when the next NT
comes out (Cairo?? Manila?? Osaka?? Or was it Bankok?? I've lost track
of all these code names...), it's going to have the Win95 interface.
Maybe that's what the quote *is* saying, people will have to wait till
'97 for Cairo to appear.


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