DES Challenge.

DES Challenge.

Post by Michael F. Hogset » Mon, 16 Jun 1997 04:00:00

Ok folks, I think we need to help contribute to the DES Challenge.  Go
to and check it out.

We are about 12% begind the win95 machines.

Lets get moving.

Michael F. Hogsett


1. DES challenge client - bad performance ...


right now we take part on the DES Challenge coordinated effort ( ) and we realized that the desclients
binaries for intel/alpha based plattforms have a much better
performance than the desclients for SPARC Solaris/SunOS4.x . Does
anybody know why ? Here many people start asking, why to buy
expensive UltraSparcs, when Pentium based PC's have much better
performance - even better than our Ultra's :-(((.

Any hints ???

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