Linux Verses Windows Security for the masses

Linux Verses Windows Security for the masses

Post by whome » Tue, 29 Apr 2003 09:06:06

I use Windows, but plan to have Linux also.  Soon as I get through my heavy
reading, and can get it.  I was going to post a reply on a above topic, but
changed my mind.  Even though I plan to be a Linux only user in the future,
everyone thinks that the reason is because of Palladium, and the fact I am a
thief.  I am no thief.  I also hate the fact that because I am against it,
everyone wants to put that label on me.  My reasons are:

I believe this whole security issue dealing with copyrights has been handed
to the wrong person to fix.  It should of been handled by a neutral company.
One that wont seek any perks other than the money earned on the security
product itself.    Bill Gates is acting like a Internet God right now.  He
plans to control every computer.   He couldn't kill Linux, so he's going to
control it. This is his way to get into Linux the best way he can without
any noise, or suspicions.

I don't care for Microsoft's back history, on hiding tidbits for their own
personal gains in their products. (Windows 98 & the Intel chip)  For the
life of me I can not see how Linus Trovalds doesn't see this?  If he feels
the need to do this make your own, stay away, and be very afraid of anything
that Bill gates has a hand in.  Or get some neutral people involved in the
project.  Besides,  Linux is Linux, it's not Microsoft.  So why put a
Microsoft idea into Linux when everyone knows The security history of
Microsoft?  Yes all Operating Systems have security issues, but after some
reading on my own.  I can only conclude that Linux is far faster with their
fixes than Microsoft.  You can secure the product if that is what you want
to do against theft.    Just don't let Bill Gates have that kind of control
of everyone's computers.  Also think of the EULA that Microsoft has.  You
don't think for one minute Bill Gates will let anything they have a hand
into go into Linux without that EULA?  As far as Open Source is concerned,
everyone knows how Bill Gates feels about Open Source.  He paints a pretty
picture, but I bet he has a not so good consumer reason behind his actions.

Maybe I will get flamed for this, I don't know, but I think Linus Trovalds
must of been drinking the day he said he was for the DRM of Microsoft's.  A
lot of mouths must of flown open the day they read that news.