flaws in Microsoft remedy -- COMPUTERWORLD.com

flaws in Microsoft remedy -- COMPUTERWORLD.com

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Two states seek tougher penalties against Microsoft in antitrust case
James Niccolai  --  MAY 06 2003

Two states have asked a federal appeals court to push for tougher
behavi*restrictions against Microsoft Corp., arguing that terms of
a settlement reached in its antitrust case with the U.S. government do
little to redress the company's anticompetitive behavior.
The states urged the appeals court to direct the district court to
impose tougher remedies than those agreed to in the settlement.
"The flaws in the remedy adopted by the district court are profound.
It does not fulfill even the most basic mission of stopping all of the
practices [the appeals court] found unlawful," the states argued in
their court brief, submitted to the U.S. Court of Appeals.
"The district court's remedy will not restore competition, deny
Microsoft the fruits of its illegal conduct or otherwise satisfy [the
appeals court's] remedial objectives," the states wrote.
Seven of the nine holdout states eventually agreed to the DOJ's
settlement, leaving Massachusetts and West *ia. Those two states
are asking the appeals court to decide whether Kollar-Kotelly erred in
approving the settlement.
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