Windows 95, what a joke.

Windows 95, what a joke.

Post by Stephen S Edwards » Mon, 16 Oct 1995 04:00:00

: The only misinformation in this group is what is written above.  RTFM (Read the
: F__ken manual) then comment so you know what your talking about smarty pants!

A.  You are obviously bored, and have nothing better to do than to waste
B.  You forgot to present your reason for disagreeing <brilliant, man!>
C.  You had this post set up to followup to a bunch of inappropriate NG'S!

Now tell me, who REALLY needs to RTFM!  Hmmm... maybe YOU?
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1. X/X Windows (was Re: Windows 95, what a joke.)

   >There is no such thing as X Windows.

   I can't resist.  Yes there is!  It's a GUI for UNIX systems
   which is quite handy.  I'm using it now.  All my windows
   even have little "x"s in the close boxes.

Ouch. Now I can't resist. There is no X Windows. What you are using
(assuming I've got this right, I never could stay awake in UNIX
worshipping, sorry, appreciation class) is a protocol called X for
sending window-system-stuff between different machines (or between the
same machine), a window manager (which may be called anything -
resource-hogging bastard is quite good), and a window manager called
something ending in wm (fvwm, twm, olwm, olvwm, etc.). All three of
these together are called X Windows by people who either don't know
any better (45% of people who use it), and by people who don't care
that pedants think they're wrong, because common usage says they're
right (another 45%, including me). However,
pedants still insist that there is no X Windows.

Hope this helps,

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