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Please Help.

While installing Red Hat Linux version 3.03 I've
run into a problem, and am wondering if anyone
here can help me.  

I have created a Linux partition of 700MB on my
drive along with a Swap partition of 5MB.

I'm installing from a CD by booting from a boot
and root disketts.  When I start Installing the
Packages, my computer freezes up, the CDROM
resets itself, and I am forced to reboot.  This
happens in either the Xbased(graphical) or the
text based methods.  I have a powerful P133
with 32MB of RAM, so the lack of ram isn't a

Please Help.


I will check back to this news group, or you can
email me if you know whats going on.  

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Post by Tomasz P Woznia » Tue, 18 Mar 1997 04:00:00

I susspect it' the old 500MB story and it's a PC not
Linux, especially not a RedHat problem.

In order for
any OS to boot its _boot_partition_ must end before the end
of the first 500MB of the first hard drive. It usually means
a BIG mess on the partition table if you use more then just one
OS, however. If you have everything installed on the 700MB partition
try to boot from the boot floppy you created during installation
- you DID create the boot floppy, did you not! This should work fine
regardless of the size and location of your partition.

If it does not
there is sth. I do not understand, nevertheless, the next step is to
repartition your HDD so that you have a minimum of 50MB Linux
partition which ends before the 500MB threshold. Of course, 50MB is
much too small for Linux but the rest can be installed anywhere i.e.
most commonly above the 500MB on another partition. Install the
very basic parts of Linux on the 50MB and try to fire it up in this

Next mount the other partition - the main Linux partition as
`\usr' and install all the packages you desire. Then you can enjoy
your box for as long as you don't do too much!

If you want to make
your box productive you have to do two more things: move the \home
directory to \usr\home or create a separate partition that you'll
mount as \home or play it as you will BUT don't forget to
change all the users home directories to the new location!

The second thingy is to move the \tmp directory to somewhere more
spacious i.e. as above (\usr\tmp or a new partition). This will
be more troublesome as there is a socket somewhere in the \tmp tree
which will not be that easy to move. I don't remember exactly
how I've done it myself but for sure I had to refere to the
`Running Linux' by O'Reil&Ass... excellent book, buy it before
you swamp.

For experimenting you don't have to install the swap file, especially
with your 32MB. If you do, HDD is the fastes in the middle, so
locate your swap partition exactly in the middle of your HDD, say
you have 2GB HDD, place your swap from 1GB to 1GB+64MB (swap is usually
twice the size of your phisical memory)

If you have further problems drop me an email, I'm not too keen on


 I'll swap my soul for Microsoft bankruptcy.


1. HElP! Red Hat Installation Nightmare

It used to be so easy....

I am attempting to install Win NT and Red Hat on a single SCSI drive
of about 8.5 gigs. Win NT is installed in /dev/sda1 with its boot
loader occupying the MBR. Now Linux root is in /dev/sda2, a swap in
/dev/sda3, and /home in /dev/sda4. What I wanted to do is put LILO on
a floppy, and use that whenever I need to boot Linux. Unfortunately, I
was surprised to find that the installation program in Red Hat 5.0,
unlike the installation programs in Red Hat < 5.0, does not make it
possible to do this. The only options are putting LILO in the MBR or
in the root partition. I did neither. Voila, I have a Linux
installation with no way to boot it. OK, no problem, I use the rescue
disk to mount /dev/sda2, use dd to put /boot/vmlinuz on a boot floppy,
try to boot with that. No joy. It can't find the root partition, which
it thinks should be 8005 or something like. What exactly the hell does
that mean? Then I remount /dev/sda2 again with the rescue disk, use
rdev to see what root device is in /boot/vmlinuz, and sure enough it
is something like 0x8005. Then I figure I should make a boot disk with
LILO on it, put together a lilo.conf with root = /dev/sda2, and lilo
says it can't find /dev/sda2!

Another problem: If I do use LILO to load the kernel on /dev/sda2,
this needs to be toggled bootable, and fdisk for some reason can't
find /dev/sda at all when run from the repair disk.

Are all these problems just related to the size of the drive?

Any solutions greatly appreciated. However, I would be afraid to put
LILO on the MBR. Putting it on the root partition might be an option,
if I can really load it with the NT boot loader. I know this is
supposed to be possible, but I am afraid to try.

Thanking you in advance for your generous assistance.....

Matthew Fleming
Matthew G. Fleming, MD                  phone : 414.456.4072  
Associate Professor                     fax   : 414.456.6518
Department of Dermatology               s-mail: Dept. of Dermatology
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