SAMBA TEAM: New MS CIFS Lic non-issue with samba...

SAMBA TEAM: New MS CIFS Lic non-issue with samba...

Post by amonr » Wed, 01 May 2002 07:44:13

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The idiots at MS apparently completely missed their target...HAHA!

- From the comments made from SAMBA...a team that WOULD KNOW the complexities
of a network protocol and its usefullness....

"We would like to also point out that these patents cover an obsolete
section of the CIFS/SMB protocol that Microsoft themselves have abandoned
in their own products long ago. Microsoft abandoned these "raw" protocol
operations in CIFS because their basic design is fatally flawed. "

who knows maybe in one more year samba might be 200% faster then anything MS
has to offer...wouldn't doubt it myself :)

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