Byte Magazine; Aug 95 Says Win 95 is "The Elegant Kludge"

Byte Magazine; Aug 95 Says Win 95 is "The Elegant Kludge"

Post by Rob Lunda » Thu, 20 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Anyone who thinks that Win 95 is the answer to all should read the
article in Byte Magazine concerning protected memory areas. There is
a lot more running in ring 0 that you might suspect! Linux looks better all
the time. Also check out the new Win 95 filesystem with long names - another

1. "dosrm" and Win 95

Hello people,

I recently used "dosrm" to remove a file on my Win 95 filesystem, and
it looks like it only removed the 8.3 entry, not the long filename

On re-booting Win 95, Norton Utilities reported this discrepancy and
repaired it, but I'm wondering if SCO should stop "dosrm" from
operating on 32 bit Windows filesystems, or fix it so it works

I don't really know what long term effect using "dosrm" will have on
Win 95 filesystems, but I don't think that it's going to do them any

Regards, David.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

"Virtual Reality - Give it a rest, Actual Reality has me stressed enough as it is."

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