Philosophy (Linux's greatest strength?)

Philosophy (Linux's greatest strength?)

Post by David L. Parsl » Wed, 23 Apr 1997 04:00:00

This newsgroup has been pretty educational; esp. the NT vs. Linux stuff.
While I appreciate the technical discussion of threads & scheduling, security,
networking, etc, the biggest reasons I use Linux are philosophical.

Karmicly speaking, Linux is tops.  While ugly politics certainly intrude from
time to time, by and large I've been very impressed not only with the
intelligence and level-headedness of Linux/UNIX users, but their GENEROSITY
and overall goodwill towards others in their community.  These are traits that
I admire in others, and try to emulate. (I'll grant I have a harder time
emulating the 'intelligence' ;-)

No, no, GOD no - I'm not saying that NT users & administrators have no karma -
one of my best friends is an NT man, and he's a very GOOD man.  But he uses NT
because a) he had the money and resources to learn about it and b) it pays more
money per unit of effort spent.  So when we argue over our OS's (and geez oh
man, are we dumb compared to some of the people here) it generally comes down

"But this guy I know makes $800/day talking about (fill in your favorite
Windows software package name here)!".  (But I'm perfectly happy with the
reasonable salary I earn, and making BIG $$$ is a LOT less important to me than
a LOT of other things.)  

Then I argue "But I can set up a nifty web server, or
a no-client-limit fileserver, or thin X terminal clients, or (fill in your
favorite Linux thing here)!".  (But his employers would can him pretty quick if
he stopped studying NT in favor of Linux, and it would take him probably YEARS
to get the same income level.)

Then we move on to other topics, and still drink plenty of beer together.

So, by all means, keep arguing (I think many of you just do it for fun &
education anyway) - I'll become a competent sysadmin a lot quicker as long
as I read the right articles.  Don't forget, though, that the REAL issues
transcend things like technical merit.

I don't imagine I'll get flamed for this, but if you DO get inclined to write
something *, kindly direct it to /dev/null (or wherever NT people send
that sort of thing.)

- Parse


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