Personal Finance Software

Personal Finance Software

Post by Arthu » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Questions about personal finance software for
Linux seem to come up here a lot lately.

The GnuCash project has been underway for quite
a while. Its at

Today on freshmeat I also ran across MoneyDance

Both of these are still in development. Both
claim to import Quicken QIF files. Moneydance
is written in Java, as the URL would suggest.
It looks like the GnuCash Motif version is
making progress, but the GNOME version seems
to be lagging.

I don't use this stuff, so I haven't checked
them out at all. I'm sure they're not Quicken 99,
but they are available for d/l, and might be
of interest to people looking for this kind of
stuff for Linux.