Monica and Bill GATES should be LOVERS11!!!!!!!

Monica and Bill GATES should be LOVERS11!!!!!!!

Post by Sheldon Gartn » Thu, 19 Nov 1998 04:00:00

Here I am, listening to Monica and Linda collaborate on a document.

Now, we all know that what they should have done was use (among other
types of such software) ICQ and some Web publishing software so they
could both _see_ the document they were working on.

They could have saved HOURS of TAPE by using the wonders of groupware.

I mean, was this a long distance call?

Also, now that I've heard Monica's voice, she seems a lot like Jenni
of JenniCam fame. But less interesting.

Monica, if you're reading this, you should setup up your OWN little
MonicaCam so we can all see you and your next "Creep" in "real time"
without having to wait for the audio tape. Heck, maybe you can get
into Netsex with Bill Gates and release the transcripts every once in
a while. He's obviously your type. Married, powerful and into
"control." And his memory is just about as poor as The Big He.

Linda.."most people wouldn't have told their mom.."

Hey, MOST people wouldn't have SAVED A FRICKIN DRESS with Prezidue on

Man, I could never have read the transcript of these tapes. Linda's
burps just wouldn't translate well.

Now they're talking about how she's going to send the letter to Bill.
Hmmm. I would suggest PGP email.

I wonder if Monica was using Office. Maybe she could have gotten that
little Paperclip do0d to help out.

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the majority, it is time to reform." -- Mark Twain  


1. For Once, I am supporting Bill Gates

Hi there,

I just want to express my support to Bill Gates.

This Congress inquiry in not about Linux vs. Windows anymore. It is
about whether the Establishment has the right to (ab)use their power to
protect their friends.

This might sound like conspiracy theory. But I think many people will
feel the same.

After all, Bill Gates is a good programmer. It's "us" vs. "the

Although Windows is quite crap, but Bill Gates himself is a cool guy who
wrote some cool code years ago especially the BASIC interpretter for
really limited machines then. He might have made a 'bad' choice to buy
other people's code later (MSDOS, Windows) to sell it to make real
fortune. Still this does not defeat his original contribution and
standing as a good programmer.

I like his GWBASIC very much. Maybe I owe it to him for the Basic
interpretter on Apple II and early PC as my first programming language.
Though I eventually "graduated" to Linux now, a programmer should
remember his first language and support the programmer who made "all
that" happen.

Liang Shing Ng
Linux User, Bill Gates "but not Windows" supporter.

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