Your payment is past due....

Your payment is past due....

Post by rapska » Tue, 05 Mar 2002 04:13:35

Just a quick look into where M$ could be going with the .NET initiative
and product activation scheme...

Imagine a monthly charge on your credit card bill right beneath the ISP
charges labeled "Microsoft Corp. -$29.99"

This could be the monthly fee that you pay for continued usage and
functionality of their latest and greatest glorious OS.  If they wanted
to, they could update XP to incorporate this functionality right online
without your knowledge or consent according to the existing EULA.

This is just speculation, but I really wouldn't put it past them.
Something like this would be right up their alley.

Imagine that, it would be just like a subscription or service that would
have to renewed every XX days.  So now not only would you have to pay for
use of the software, you would have to pay a monthly usage fee as well.

This may sound ridiculous, but no more so than them initiating some sort
of user registration program that would require you to call into the home
office and report exactly what system you are running in order to use
their software, or having their software "phone home" periodically to
report on your activities....

Oh wait, they've already done that haven't they?

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