For fun, it's time for a nostalgia thread...

For fun, it's time for a nostalgia thread...

Post by ge » Wed, 29 Oct 1997 04:00:00

> To make a long story endless, a few years after that, I bought my
> A2000, upon which I type this message.  Ten years later, the case is
> still mint, but I think a few of the screws are stripped.  The A2000
> is the energizer bunny of computers, but a lot less annoying.  It is a
> close second to the TI-99A for top honors, but you always remember
> your first time I guess.  The 2000 always reminded me of that old game
> Street Rod.  The one where you'd go to the news paper to buy and
> sell auto parts.  With them you'd soup up your old beater,
> transforming it into one badass machine.  Fun.

> -Steve.

I never owned an Amiga, but I always wanted to<G>.  It was a sad to see so
much promise go down the tubes.  Just think what it could have evolved
into.  Instead of great technology we now have great marketing.  WTG Billy



For fun, it's time for a nostalgia thread...

Post by Salvatore Dena » Wed, 29 Oct 1997 04:00:00

Quote:>Then came the powerhouse C64.  With such a ridiculous amount of
>RAM, and such advanced programs popping up everywhere, it was a great

My first machine was a c64. I was going to buy an A1000 a few years
later, but I bought my first car instead. :)

Quote:>Commodore already sucked as far as companies go.  They basically
>treated you like *if you asked anything of them, like if you had

Yep. I went from C64 to C128. The basic was much better. I then sold
both of them for $200. I got a PC-XT clone after that. I used it
to dail into my university's unix systems and to run turbo pascal.

Quote:>About that time (85ish) my roomy ditched his PC for the first Mac
>ever--an astounding machine really, a natural with DTP before we even
>knew what DTP was--but the 9" B&W built-in monitor was a handicap

My first and only Mac was the SE/30. It started out as an SE, but after
a painless board swap, it was an 030. With multifinder and 8mb of ram,
I could run Word4 and Excel at the same time. Think pascal was nice,
but I still like Borland's pascal better. (Called Delphi now)

Quote:>and bought an A1000.  There has never been a computer so ahead of its
>time IMHO, as the "Amiga" (then there was only one), and perhaps there

I still have a copy of the (IIRC) March '89 copy of Byte that featured the
NeXT cube. Not only was it ahead of it's time in '89, it it still ahead
of its time now.


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1. Thread won't switch from real time scheduling policy to 'other'

I have been experimenting with LinuxThreads 0.7 and glibc 2.0.6 on a
Linux 2.0.33 kernel (with a mindset 0.0.1 :-).  I have run into a
sceduling policy / priority problem.

main itself runs in real time mode --

  sched_setscheduler (0, SCHED_FIFO, &p);

main initializes the thread attrs once --

  pthread_attr_init (&sigAttr);
  pthread_attr_setdetachstate (&sigAttr, PTHREAD_CREATE_DETACHED);
  pthread_attr_setscope (&sigAttr, PTHREAD_SCOPE_SYSTEM);
  pthread_attr_setinheritsched (&sigAttr, PTHREAD_EXPLICIT_SCHED);
  pthread_attr_setschedpolicy (&sigAttr, SCHED_OTHER);

It needs the thread for a specific time consuming operation only.  It
creates the thread only when needed --

  pthread_create (&sigThread, &sigAttr, &threadCalc, NULL);

The thread runs for several seconds.  The schedpolicy was set to
SCHED_OTHER above, and the thread nices itself --

  setpriority (PRIO_PROCESS, 0, 5);

The threads calls pthread_exit when it is done.

The problem is that the thread blocks every other process on the
system for the duration (there are some file opens which let others
run very briefly).  Adding more files to its process list to extend
its duration, and adding sleeps between each file, lets me see status.
There are three copies of the command; I presume these are the main
thread, file processing thread, and thread manager.

        pid     ppid    nice    policy

        14580       -   0       F
        14582   14580   0       F
        14586   14582   5       F

It looks to me like the sched policy for the thread is not being
changed to OTHER.  I am glad to see that only one process has priority
5; at least something is working!  Well, that's not fair.  The threads
package works fine, mutexes and all.  I just can't get it out of real
time sceduling policy.

If main does not put itself in real time mode, the only change I see
is that the process display doesn't show policy F and the processes
don't block while the thread is running.

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