Bill and Steve Move to the Country

Bill and Steve Move to the Country

Post by Tim Littl » Sun, 14 Dec 1997 04:00:00

Bill G. and Steve J. are talking one day about how fortunate they've
been in business and about the fact that, now that they've made their
marks in business, perhaps they should buy a farm together and share the
responsibilities. They decide this would be a good and wholesome way to
live on the weekends.

So they find a nice piece of land and bring in livestock - - cows, pigs,
sheep. All is well. They enjoy feeding and watering the animals on the
weekends and hire former Informix, Apple, and Digital executives to
watch the place the rest of the time.

One Sunday afternoon, Bill is taking a walk around the farm, admiring
the lovely green grass, the whitewashed fences, the blue sky and fluffy
clouds, when he comes across a ewe that has gotten its head stuck
between two fence rails. He notices that the animal's * hindparts
are presented in a rather provocative posture. Looking around to make
sure he's alone, he drops his Dockers and does what the lord never
intended for sheep and men to do.

Now, unbeknownst to Bill, Steve is also out for a walk. Steve suddenly
tops a hill and finds his buddy in a most compromising position.

Bill, mortified, at first thinks of threatening a lawsuit if Steve tells
anyone. But then he gets a better idea.

"Hey, buddy," he calls out, smiling. "This is great - - you've really
got to try it."  He waves his arms e*dly and points to the hapless

Steve hesitates briefly, rubbing his chin in thought. Finally, he ambles
down the hill, studies the situation, shrugs, drops his pants, and bends
to put his head through the fence.

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