MS bug busting tool is buggy

MS bug busting tool is buggy

Post by Doug. » Tue, 19 Feb 2002 03:06:37

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1. MS Office 2000 is buggy, buggy, buggy

My day today with MS Office 2000:

I'm a programmer and was asked to prepare documentations and a presentation,
something no programmer really likes. Well, I swore and thought, lets just
slap something together quickly with Word and Powerpoint... I was mistaken.

The g**m Word crashed on me five times. Each time, after restarting Word
again, I could not open the file I was working on previously. Word
complained: "File locked by <me>".

After a while, I found out that I actually have to

1) kill the (window-less) process WINWORD.EXE and
2) delete all hidden files starting with '~'

before I could go on and open the file again. Being a programmer, I wrote
myself a tool to do this automatically.

"Ease of use"? Yeah right, I can just see all the secretaries just opening
the taskmanager and killing processes...

Poor, poor, poor quality. Amazing what they get away with.

More issues:
- The graphical component (vector graphics) inside MS Word and Powerpoint is
a Joke. No, really. The behaviour is often illogical and unpredictable. It
also caused two of my five crashes. Scaling groups of objects does not work
properly. And so on. Pure pain - I wish I had Visio installed or some other
*professional* Graphics tool.
- Importing data from Word to powerpoint is error prone, to say the least.
Tables get scr*ed up.

As a bottomline, this will be the last presentation I prepared using MS

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