Corel WP8?

Corel WP8?

Post by Frank J. Elga » Sun, 06 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Any news on the release of WP8 from Corel?  Their promise dates of "late
summer" and "November" have come and gone.


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1. Corel WP8/XF86 3.3.2/24 bit display: garbled graphics?

I've installed WP8, and found that all the graphics stuff (so far that
just means the splash screen and icons) are garbled.  I vaguely
remember the same problem with a WP7 demo I downloaded.  I'm using a
Matrox Millennium card, if that matters.  Has anyone else seen this?

(I vaguely remember that with WP7 switching to 8 bit mode fixed this,
but I'm running a 24 bit display and don't really feel like starting
up a separate X server just for this.)


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