Compiere ERP and PostgreSQL , help

Compiere ERP and PostgreSQL , help

Post by Lintast » Tue, 25 Feb 2003 16:35:23

Can Computer Grads/students around CT donate their time for making
Compiere really free on PostgreSQL ?

An alternative to donation is to work here in their office for at least one
month as an intern.



ComPiere, Inc.
40 Old Tannery Rd
Monroe, CT 06468

About Us

Here is some information about history, the first version and our

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Our Address:

ComPiere, Inc.
40 Old Tannery Rd
Monroe, CT 06468


Compiere was originally designed and written by Jorg Janke. Jorg has
20 years experience in packaged ERP systems, is an Oracle Certified
DBA and Java Certified.

In 1982, Jorg founded his first company "SoftCream" developing and
distributing an integrated retail solution. This Cobol and ISAM-based
UNIX solution was in production in some sites until May 2000 (i.e. it
was also Y2k compliant, when developed in the mid 80s)!

In 1988, the company was sold to ADV/Orga (Germany) and Jorg joined
them as Software Architect. SAP's first solution was licensed from
ADV/Orga and until today SAP has quite a few similarities to the
ADV/Orga product. The charter of Jorg's group was to create a Unix-
based system from scratch to compete against the planned R/3 system
from SAP. One of the main concepts was an Application Directory, an
early ancestor of the Compiere ToolSet.

Due to financial problems, ADV/Orga discontinued the project and Jorg
joined its customer UNISYS (England) to continue the project.
Unfortunately, UNISYS also discontinued its application development
and Jorg had the opportunity to manage the Business Management Systems
in Europe. In this time, Jorg wrote an early prototype of Compiere in
Smalltalk with Oracle 5. Well, the performance was not too great.

In 1992, Jorg joined Oracle Germany as Application Localization
Manager and, as a result, in 1994 Oracle was able to release it's
first non-English version of it's application suite with the required
local functionality. The compliance was audited by Price Waterhouse.
Jorg joined Oracle's Application Development in Redwood Shores, CA as
Director for Enterprise Systems where he led the development of
Oracle's Multi-Currency Reporting and Euro solution and "invented" the
Application Implementation Wizard, which dramatically reduced the
implementation time. This was also Oracle's first Application project,
which was able to implement the functionality in Java.

Oracle Applications grew from a bespoke application. The problem with
this is that the "multi" features (language, organization, etc.) were
added later, as in SAP and other applications. This resulted in huge
inefficiencies, costs, and delays. Compiere was designed to handle the
"multi" dimensions in the core, resulting in very low cost of
development and maintenance.