beowulf commercial market share

beowulf commercial market share

Post by Oliver Bake » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

My guess is that it's hard to define a precise market for Beowulfs,
since my impression is they are not for every application that people
have traditionally used big computers for, but...

Does anybody know an authoritative or at least credible source I can go
to to find out what market share these clusters may have grabbed--in
particular pentium-PC-based clusters? (though I won't be picky).

I'd also like to know stats or just know of examples of private-sector
Beowulfs--let's say of at least 100 CPUs or more. (I know Google says it
has a 4000 cpu linux cluster, but that's practically the only one I've
heard of so far)

I'm writing <sigh> yet another of those alleged oodles of media stories
on Linux. I usually prefer to write news.


Oliver Baker






1. beowulf commercial market share

Can't answer directly, but a good resource site is

Also, for your article you may want to look into the various meanings of
"cluster".  Beowulf represents one niche in the "cluster" universe, but
several others exist.  However, there is some question whether the concept
of "market share" applies when comparing the number of systems in one niche
to the number of systems in another.  I.e., Beowulf is usually used for
scientific and other number-crunching applications, but not for things like
uptime assurance (failover) or load balancing (ganged Web servers).  AFAIK
there's nothing else in "the Beowulf niche" for PC hardware.

Also, Beowulfing is not limited to PC hardware, the Alpha being a very
popular alternative for well-heeled institutions.

Bobby Bryant
Austin, Texas

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