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To correct the mispostings of our flatworm friend:

"In 1996 or 1997, we won this big award from
InfoWorld, we tied with Windows NT as the best
server operating system. The people who were
most shocked by this were those of us at Red Hat,
because there were 23 of us, including the
receptionist, in the tobacco fields of North
Carolina at the time. And Microsoft had put a
billion dollars into NT, and they'd started the
project three years before Red Hat was even
formed, and the best they could do was to tie
us for the damn award. Who rewrote the laws of

"I used to stand up in front of Linux crowds and
say, "Linux will never be successful on the
desktop," and of course I'd get booed off the
stage. And I finally realized the mistake I was
making. Linux will not be successful on the PC
replacing Windows OS. But we absolutely will be
successful on the desktop as a geographic location."



           Department of Biochemistry
       Albert Einstein College of Medicine

A position is available in the Department of Biochemistry
for an experienced computer scientist combining system
administration responsibilities and scientific
visualization in several areas of biomedical research. A
cluster of Silicon Graphics computers is located in the
x-ray crystallography laboratory and in a departmental
facility. Administration responsibilities include
installation and maintenence of commercial and custom
software, system design and configuration, networking and
system backups. It is that the system administration will
require, on the average, half time. Half-time can be
devoted to projects involving scientific visualization
such as three-dimensional visualization of macromolecular
models and quantiative image analysis and densitometry.

Previous experience with SGI computers is required.
Salary will be commencerate with experience. Please reply
by either email or in writing(Please do not telephone)
         Dr. Steven Roderick

         Department of Biochemistry
         Albert Einstein College of Medicine
         1300 Morris Park Avenue
         Bronx, New York 10461

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