Betting on Unix

Betting on Unix

Post by Kevin Ly » Mon, 17 Mar 1997 04:00:00

: Can you call up your local office temp center and ask for someone
: proficient in*for a few hours without being suspected of
: some kind of perversion?  Has enlightenment really reached the masses
: in Finland?  You can't do that in the US...

i hate to add to this thread, but that's the most moronic reason i've
ever heard.  i'm not a*user, but even i know how to pronounce


                                       year of the ox already?!  i'm still
                                       writing year of the rat on my checks...


Betting on Unix

Post by Matti Saarine » Tue, 18 Mar 1997 04:00:00

> i'm not a*user, but even i know how to pronounce
> it.

        There is not a right way to pronounce LaTeX. For more
        information, see this book: "LaTeX: A Document Preparation
        System" by Leslie Lamport. There you can find a chapter
        called "The Game of the Name" which explains some facts.

- Matti -


1. Betting on Unix

With my last 1 year experience with NT, i am completely pissed off.

IMHO, NT is a badly designed bull shit.

Now i am more than ever convinced on the future of Unix.

I predict   INTEL would be the hardware standard.
And Linux/FreeBsd would be the software standard.

Now my question is:
If that is the way the world goes, What are all the companies who would
be benefited by the raise of Linux/FreeBsd as software standard.

-vs senthilkumar

       Let's not predict the future by looking into rear view mirror.

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