I shot an elephant...

I shot an elephant...

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> in my pajamas.

> how it got in my pajamas,

> i'll never know!!!

Fortunately, the elephants didn't inherit the "uproariously
funny" gene from the pteradactyls.


It's still legal to go .sigless.


1. IBM: Who Says Elephants Can't Dance?

Checked the book of that title out of the library.  It was
interesting.  The author is Lou Gerstner, the CEO who
turned IBM around.

Here's what he says in regard to Linux:

   Beware, customers, of suppliers who provide only UNIX or Wintel
   answers to your problems.  Beware of totally proprietary vendors who
   fight new developments like Linux.  These vendors still view the
   world through the window of their proprietary stack.

Linux:  Less filling, works great!

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