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Governments and businesses outside the U.S. are leading the
push to find alternatives to Microsoft for their software
needs, according to a report released Tuesday by research
company Gartner.

The reasons for seeking an alternative include concern over
licensing issues, security breaches, and the grass-roots
power of open-source software, according to Gartner.

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1. Apache PR 553 - group twice in /etc/group - alternatives?

I've got a situation that sounds similar to PR
553 (full text at, where the problem
resolution was essentially that two entries for a group in /etc/group was
causing the problem.

In the situation I have, the multiple entries for a group are deliberate -
this is a large Unix system and huge /etc/group lines become unmanageable.  It
seems to be working okay as far as Unix is concerned, but (if it is the same
problem as in PR 553) this is preventing Apache CGI scripts from accessing
directories and scripts they "should" have permissions to.

Assuming for the moment that we're not going to restructure /etc/group, what
are possible workarounds?  Should moving the web user to the first instance of
the offending group work (it didn't seem to but I can recheck), or is the mere
existence of several group entries something that Apache can't handle?

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