SEcurity & Policy Editor [Win95]

SEcurity & Policy Editor [Win95]

Post by Rich Grav » Sat, 18 Nov 1995 04:00:00


>: >Any way I can make it so that my users CAN NOT run the policy editor.
>: No.

>: The fact that Win95 is insecure is not a problem. All desktop operating
>: systems are insecure -- MacOS, OS/2, Windows 3. The problem is that
>: Microsoft says that Win95 has decent security, and even otherwise savvy
>: people like you believe this. This is called "snake oil." You jump
>: through hoops trying to set up all sorts of traps, while in reality
>: anyone who reads any computing magazine or the newsgroups can "break in"
>: in ten seconds. See page 113 of the November 13 InfoWorld,

>With respect, I expect UN*Xs to be (nearly) 'secure'... like linux that
>costs *NOTHING* :)

>I'd guess the linux MS Windows emulator is pretty secure too :)

>Pity Linus doesn't fork for MS :(

Agreed. I just wasn't considering Linux or NT to be mainstream desktop
operating systems, though it would be nice if they were.

This leaf probably belongs in advocacy. If the yahoos in advocacy are
intrigued, a few earlier articles in this thread and other interesting
things are on gopher://

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In the moment I am trying to get the Win95 system policies to work together
with our new linux network using Samba. According to the helpfile, I should
copy the policy file into the Netlogin share and tell the local registry to
logon to our Windows NT domain.

I already did this, but when I boot the workstations, nothing happens, even
no error messages.

Does anyone have an idea about how to get this to work?

Best wishes,

Andreas Buschka

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