Gnu, Stallman, Linux, NT - nice piece

Gnu, Stallman, Linux, NT - nice piece

Post by Walter Tice U » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

good intro type piece, with a few juicy tidbits and conclusions



1. Boston Globe pieces today Re: CNN piece WHACKS NT boosts Linux!


Your response is what... original? heh

What's boring, the stake in the heart of M$ OS's or the rah rah at the end?

Here is more:

In today's Boston Globe a piece about how Linux is getting the GUI work it
needs for acceptance on the desktop:

and also in today's Globe:

an excerpt:

Last week I asked readers to drop me an e-mail about whether they'd
like to have Microsoft's Office applications running on their beloved
Linux operating system.

The response was far from overwhelming: I got e-mails from roughly
25 people, nearly 90 percent of whom said that the only reason they
still run Windows was to run Office. When they are not using a word
processor, they boot their computer into Linux to take advantage of
that operating system's speed, agility, and reliability.

So perhaps Microsoft is better off not coming out with an Office for
Linux. After all, if Office ran on Linux, there would be one less
reason to buy Microsoft's operating systems.

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