Who's, Who in the "Free Software" / "Open Source" community

Who's, Who in the "Free Software" / "Open Source" community

Post by Seyed Razav » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00


I know that the open source movement (and all the attached names and idioms)
is about lots of individuals contributing a little to make a lot (a bit like
the Science movement).  However, I have also heard a lot of names repeated

I also know that to glorify anyone individual over the entire "bazaar"
concept is possibly bad.  No one person or collection of people seem to be
entirely responsible for the Linux distribution sat on my PC or the GNU
tools that I may use.

However, I want to know more about the ideas and philosophies behind this
"movement" and I think by knowing some names it would help.

So I am hoping you will reply with a list of the people who have contributed
greatly with maybe a little detail on what they have contributed or a link
to an explanatory web site.


Seyed P. Razavi