Interesting arcticle Jan 5 InfoWorld

Interesting arcticle Jan 5 InfoWorld

Post by Brett W. McC » Wed, 07 Jan 1998 04:00:00

I was reading a trade rag -- InfoWorld -- today, and came across an
article called "All's Quiet on the Windows Upgrade Front", which was about
the current problems Microsoft is having with getting Windows 98 and NT 5
finished.  One IT executive (Warren Smith, of an unnamed telecom company)
made several observations about some of the problems Microsoft is facing,
and concluded this (in regards to the outrageous hardware requirements):

"'You can run NT 4.0 on 32MB of memory, but with NT 5.0 I have not tried
it on anything less than 64', Smith said. 'Microsoft has got to get that
down.  Otherwise, something like Linux could come up and beat the living
daylights out of it.'

"In the end, it is that sort of question IT managers have to face..."

("All's Quiet on the Windows Upgrade Front", _Infoworld_, 5 Jan 97, p. 19)

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