mixed feelings about WINE

mixed feelings about WINE

Post by Sinister Midge » Fri, 25 Oct 2002 01:44:31

Quote:> There is an old joke about mixed feelings which is:
> You have mixed feelings when you see your mother-in-law driving off a cliff
> in your new car.

> Someone just pointed this out to me and I'm not sure if I should what to
> say, hehehe.
> http://articles.linuxguru.net/view/198

> WINE is getting very good.

As with anything the windozers do, linuxers need to be careful not to
enable this type of thing unnecessarily, Things like this are what keep
me with a crippled WINE setup (everything isolated, and run only via
scripts), no Vmware or Win4Lin and so forth. I never suspected it would
be this easy, but I knew from past experience that if I could run a
winders exe from the commandline, and just doing that would cause WINE
to be activated, trouble could result. This is the first time I've
actually seen or heard of such things happening.

Despite this, and this is directed to the trolls, linux still isn't
vulnerable to any internal damage from this. It would require a hybrid,
as the article points out, but also permission to perform the actual
damage once the hybrid is passed into the linux realm. No root access,
no system damage.

In essence, this simply has the potential to make mischief, and the
targets would still be windos users. But it eats up bandwidth by
hitting servers more than they already get hit. And in that, linux
still gets harmed. Any real damage to linux would result from the same
clueless few that help to get a measly 3,500 servers infected by a few
anemic worms.

Windows: Because everyone needs a good laugh!


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