CLI, GUI, programmers, and good things (was: OS religious wars)

CLI, GUI, programmers, and good things (was: OS religious wars)

Post by Bill Moye » Thu, 18 Apr 1996 04:00:00

>>unintuative CLI interfaces.  What I am against is the increasing use of
>>highly abstructed GUIified development environments by _programmers_.

>This one concerns me - when I can no longer run the current version of
>any serious compiler I know of on this system without _major_ drags,
>something's somewhat wrong. (12Mb 486/66, if anyone cares.) At least I'd
>like the _option_ of using or not using the graphical hoo-ha for

  I've tried many compilers, but for C/C++ development, the combination
that seems to work best for me, productivity-wise, is to get my thinking
done on a size-E sheet of paper with a pen and/or pencil, write the code
with emacs, and compile with gcc (which is available for most OSs you're
likely to develop for -- Linux (and other unixes), OS/2, and even DOS in
the form of "emx").  Everything else tends to result in slower production
and worse code.

Quote:>>The terms GUI-based and bloated do not have to go together.

>I have long held the theory that was J. Random Newbie would most benefit
>from is GEOS. Unfortunately, they utterly botched the part about getting
>others to write good apps for it.

   IMO, it depends on what you're looking for.  Today, employee
turnover rate is high enough that corporations are best off going
with GUI interfaces, because it allows novice employees to become
reasonably productive quickly.  If you are an individual looking
to improve your own productivity as much as possible, learn to
function in a CLI environment.  Productivity increases more slowly
because it's more difficult to learn, but your productivity tops
out at a much higher level.
  The GUI itself doesn't matter much, in my experience.  Most users
who don't care much about improving their technical abilities will
learn how to do only what they must do in any GUI environment, so
comparing specific features of individual GUIs doesn't tell you
much about how productive users will be using it; 90+% of the GUI
will go to waste anyway, and you have no idea which features will
be in the remaining 10%.  

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