Microsoft bundles Operating System with IE

Microsoft bundles Operating System with IE

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Microsoft to abandon standalone IE
Evan Hansen  May 31 2003
Microsoft is phasing out standalone versions of its Internet Explorer
Web browser, according to statements attributed to IE program manager
Brian Countryman in an interview posted on the software giant's Web site.
  "As part of the OS (operating system), IE will continue to evolve, but
there will be no future standalone installations. IE6 SP1 is the final
standalone installation," Countryman said in the the May 7 interview.
Microsoft issued a standalone browser with IE 6, following a court
ruling that found the company had violated antitrust laws by bundling IE
with its Windows operating system. The company has since settled the
case with the Justice Department and most of the other parties to the
suit, although a handful of holdouts continue to press for additional
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see also

see also

Isn't this what the whole friggin case was about ?

* Get found out.
* Get found guilty.
* Wait a while.
* then go ahead and do it anyway.


1. Microsoft to offer antivirus systems,
Microsoft to buy antivirus software maker
Matthew Broersma, June 10 2003

Microsoft has announced its intention to acquire GeCad Software, a
Romanian antivirus technology developer, in order to improve the
security in its Windows platform.

  The deal, the financial terms of which were not disclosed, would add a
team of antivirus experts to Microsoft's stable of developers and give
the company the ability to offer antivirus systems across all its
products ...

"Malicious code and worms are a big threat to our customers," said
Hilary Wittman, Microsoft's security marketing manager for the United

As a side benefit, Wittman said the acquisition would give Microsoft a
more significant presence in software development in Europe.

Matthew Broersma reported from London.
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I wonder will these 'antivirus systems' cost extra on top of the yearly
rent ?

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