How long before it's ready for prime time?

How long before it's ready for prime time?

Post by Cameron Spitze » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

>I realize this is not really an answerable question.. I guess I'm just
>searching for opinions.

>How long would you guess before I could say to my non-computer-literate
>friends, go and buy <fill in the brandname> Linux, and run the install, and
>you'll be all set.?

This probably belongs in comp.os.linux.advocacy.

Remember that the Microsoft products are not "ready for prime time,"
in that the non-computer-literate can't install and configure them
successfully.  There are chronic networking problems, among other things.
The Microsoft products are sold pre-configured on new computers,
to get around that.

Linux is available pre-configured on new computers, also.

I pre-configured Linux for a "non-computer-literate" relative recently.
There's a dual boot Win-98 on the same box.  She usually uses
Linux, because it's easier, and the performance is better, than
the SAME APPS on the Windows-98 side.  She also reports the
print quality is better, on the same printer, with Aladdin Ghostscript 5
than with Microsoft's print drivers.

It will take a while for the trade press to catch up, but they're getting
there.  _Network Computing_ had a Linux-friendly piece in its NT section