Plug and Play my ass or Plug and Pray

Plug and Play my ass or Plug and Pray

Post by Robert Brockw » Mon, 25 Dec 1995 04:00:00

: If you do give a PC for X-Mas, make sure it will work with a Linux CD!

A good suggestion, if an expensive xmas pressie :-)

: Give a Linux box for X-Mas. That's even better than a Mac. One of my
: complaints about Linux is how there are cases of equipment that works on
: only some other equipment, like the Wearnes CDD-110 that works only with
: PCI motherboard computers. When the Linux album installed, I was quite
: surprised and happy to see it work, but dismayed at the discovery of the
: fact some equipment works with only some other equipment.

I've never heard of this happening, here on the net, or in our 'Home
Unix club' (Linux dominated).  but i accept that there are cases of this.
I'm sure as a device becomes better supported this restriction will

: Nobody ever mentioned this when I was seeking help. Instead all I got was
: flames so I flamed back. My Wearnes saga only validated my cynical
: thoughts about "compatibility lists". :( I discovered the secret only
: when I went to comp.os.linux.hardware where someone accidentally divulged
: the secret of Wearnses. When I was looking for help, I got little, but I
: got a lot of flames.

Some ppl flame too much, but they are a (vocal) minority.

: Ironically, I might have discovered a device not on the lists but is
: supported! In my LAN, I use Artisoft Noderunner/SI NE2000 clone Ethernet
: cards. While you must use DOS to configure them, they will install into a
: Linux box and work. Now that I alienated the Linux community, I guess I'm
: really on my own.

Add the device to the list, by mailing the list maintainer.
I doubt u have alientated the Linux community - it is very large.
Most will be unaware of any flame war that ensued.
I replied to a post of yours about the compatibilty list once, but i was not
flaming you.  I was unaware u were in a flame war.
Most of the Linux users i have met on usenet/irc or in real life are not
only nice, intelligent people, but they are more than happy to help you
with problems.
Merry Christmas,

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1. A plug for the Plug-and-Play Howto

I read the first half of the "Plug and Play Howto" and it provides the
information needed to resolve hardware resource conflicts.
Here is the canonical link:

One key piece of information that this document provides is to advise
users to use "Plug and Play" mode for ISA cards when available.  Then,
when setting the BIOS for OS type, select non-plug-and-play for Linux.
 This simply means that the motherboard initialization routines will
try to properly allocate resources (before OS boot begins).

This information helped me a lot, when I was having difficulty setting
up a Linux box, using a spare Micronics W6-Li motherboard.  This
board's setup routine ("BIOS setup") does not have a screen where
resources can be reserved for use by non-pnp-isa cards.  The
documentation for this motherboard should probably state the board
works only with ISA cards which can be configured plug-and-play. I
also had to "force" resource re-allocation to totally resolve the
system conflicts.  After resetting, the OS booted with no conflicts,
and Kudzu could see my "new" devices. (Sweet!)

By the way, the board is working great as my first dual processor
system with a shiny, new kernel (2.4.20-pre10) which supports USB 2.0
(NEC chipset on a pci card).  The performance is not bad (2-200MHz
cpu's, 256 MB RAM- makes for a very usable system.)  I wouldn't put
these systems in the trash heap, yet.  But, if you are throwing them
out, I'll take 'em ;-)

--Douglas Mayne

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