MAILING LIST>Business Use Advocacy of Linux and Open Source Software

MAILING LIST>Business Use Advocacy of Linux and Open Source Software

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                        Press Release
                        Freely Redistributable Software in Business
                        Release Date: 1998-03-15

-- Freely Redistributable Software in Business --

'Announcing a Web site and Mailing list for Business Use Advocacy of
Linux and Open Source Software'

We (and a growing number of other firms) are heavy users of software such
as Linux, GNU and FreeBSD which can be classified as 'freely redistributable'
or 'co-operatively developed', but feel that there is considerable lack of
knowledge of these systems and applications in the general business
community. We (and number of other companies) are therefore building this
web presence to help provide information, documentation, showcase projects,
links to related sites and other useful resources to  to help redress
this. This will include freely redistributable systems software, and free
and commercial applications which run on these systems which may be of
interest to helping you run your (or your clients) business.

The web page and mailing list discuss methods and techniques to advocate
or 'sell' Linux and free software to your MIS and IT management or to your
clients. It also discusses cost, robustness and other business advantages of
open source software.

The web site is at: http://www.*

Mailing List: Along with these web pages and links, there is also a
low-to-medium volume mailing list which is maintained by the group, and open
to the public. If you are interested in joining this mailing-list, please
send email to:

and put the following in the body:

  subscribe frsbiz

*source: Windows/Unix SysAdmin and Rapid Application Development
+61 3 9642 5997 Level 8/140 Queen Street, Melbourne, Australia


1. need help with advocacy of linux / open source server software

the first vice president of IT at my company has invited me to make a
presentation about linux / open source SERVER software to him, the
second vp, and asst. vp and a few others during a lunch meeting on
monday,  may 20th.  previously, i made a presentation on open source
and some windows-compatible, open source desktop applications that
deployed rapidly while saving the company money (mozilla,, etc.).

this time, however, the presentation will be on open source SERVER
software.  i would like to focus this time on cost control,
interoperability and integration, security, cost of implementation,
cost of ongoing maintenance, value of deploying open source software
as opposed to staying with their current systems, which are dominated
by ms.

unfortunately, my company is not the type where you can sneak a linux
server into the server room.  also, since i am a programmer, i am well
isolated from the server area (unlike my previous jobs where i was
programmer, webmaster, sys admin, etc.) and not familiar with the
current infrastracture and needs of the company.

i would also like mainstream news articles (news articles from
non-linux / open source publications) about number of security holes
in linux / open source products versus ms AND time comparisions on how
quickly these security holes are patched.  Apache, Mosix, Samba,
Terminal Project are also good projects that my company may be
interested in.

do you know of any other server software that a financial institution
may be interested in?

any assistance would be greatly appreciated...

andrew park

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