I wish Linux had a ...

I wish Linux had a ...

Post by PolyWo » Mon, 21 Sep 1998 04:00:00

> My vote:

> Less Redhat.

> More supermodels (with an acceptable mix of age/gender/body type to
> keep everyone happy).

> Coffee optional (as long as it's not that Starbuck's rubbish).

> Definitely more penguins.  (Or puffins in a pinch).

>   -Steve

hrm... coffee... /me goes to brew some now... ;)

testing message one


I wish Linux had a ...

Post by Alex Buel » Mon, 21 Sep 1998 04:00:00

> > More supermodels (with an acceptable mix of age/gender/body type to
> > keep everyone happy).
> hrm... coffee... /me goes to brew some now... ;)

Are you nuts? You'd prefer a coffee over a supermodel? :o)

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I wish Linux had a ...

Post by SXPE » Wed, 30 Sep 1998 04:00:00

> Are you nuts? You'd prefer a coffee over a supermodel? :o)

he might be gay and prefer *male* supermodels ?

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1. My Linux Wish List (Re: The last Barrier to Desktop Linux?

I mentioned what I thought were barriers in my other post in this

I've been using linux for about a year as my desktop at home ( Suse
7.2 ).

These things aren't barriers toward linux being used as a desktop,
IMHO, they are just things I want/miss that have been slow in coming.

For fun, I just thought I would list them ( yes, I have sent feature
requests to the relevant organizations ).

Anyway, I will never go back to windoze, I just thought it might
interesting to list what a windoze refugee still wants/misses with

1. Faster performance on both kde and gnome.

2. Gnome : fix the bug in nautlius so it saves icon view preferences.
Its been
   a year.  A less confusing multiple desktop.  Use the MultiGnome
terminal and
   alter it so it has fonts that don't look like chicken scratch and
make it
   simplier so it works like konsole.  You have to go through more
buttons to
   do the same dam thing.

3. Brain-dead easy install programs for kde and gnome.  I would be
more willing
   to try the improved versions if it didn't mean a potental hassle.

4. A command in gnome that reports what version of gnome is being

5. A tabbed terminal emulator not written in the GTK or KDE libraries

6. TV and radio software for haupauge cards that don't require
   having to do with gnome or kde.

7. Brain-dead easy to install cd burning software

8. Brain-dead easy to install dvd software

9. Brain-dead easy to install/use fax/answering machine/caller id/call

10. Brain-dead easy to use wizards for connecting to printers

11. Being able to create and delete directories in mozilla's File
saving dialog

12. Futz free good looking fonts in all word processing apps and html
    apps.....out-of-the-box ( it *is* getting better ).

13. MS file interoperability at the level of quality in OpenOffice ( &
better )
    without Open Office ( its slooowwwww ).  It would be great to see
    put some of this code into modular file conversion utilities that
    project could use or that people could use from the command line.

14. Install programs that would distinguish if someone is going to be
    linux as a server or as their personal desktop.  In the later case
it would
    set things up to make mounting partitions, cdroms, setting time
etc easy,
    without the need to use su or sudo( maybe this has already

15. A better package management system. Dependency hell.  We've all
been there

2. Dial up problem in LAN

3. 10 things with Linux I wish I knew before i jumped

4. Andrew HElp

5. Have NT Wish to add Linux

6. Alpha: Personal Workstation 433au

7. Came from DOS wish to continue with Linux...

8. carroll touch driver

9. What I wish to see under Linux..

10. more stuff I wish linux did

11. My Linux wish list for 2000

12. What is your linux wish list?

13. Wow, an actual survey (Linux dissatisfactions and wish-lists)