What's wrong with TeX? (was Re: GNU/Linux flame war)

What's wrong with TeX? (was Re: GNU/Linux flame war)

Post by Nathan Han » Mon, 17 Mar 1997 04:00:00

> JS> From a different perspective, why use TeX at all, if it isn't necesary?

> Good question.  TeX is a hateful destination for computer generated code.

I don't get the meaning behind this statement. TeX isn't a "hateful
destination" anymore than Postscript is a hateful destination. TeX
does what it is supposed to do -- describe typesetting layouts in a
reasonably high-level way -- and it does it well.

It's useless for maintaining documents: this I'll agree with. But I
don't see this as a problem. You maintain your documents in SGML &
convert them into TeX for portable transmission of your typesetting
and layout. PostScript is the final "page layout" stage.

Hell, before TeX the standard was troff. Do you want those hell-ish
days back?! <shudders at the thought>

Open mind for a different view, and nothing else matters.


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Nils> What people don't like is RMS insisting that every distribution
Nils> be referred to as GNU/Linux.

AS> He doesn't.  He gave that up many many months ago.  When was the
AS> last dated posting you have seen where he asked for every
AS> distribution to be called GNU/Linux?

Yeah, I've seen RMS "insist".  Let me tell you: GNU/Linux not an
example of RMS insisting on something.  All RMS did is write a little
article on what he saw as the undesirable consequences of a `Linux'
community not considering itslef one and the same as the GNU community
... People go completely mental.

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