If Microsoft Had Written Nmap

If Microsoft Had Written Nmap

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Enjoy :-)


If Microsoft Had Written Nmap

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> http://www.counterhack.net/base_clippy_image.html

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If Microsoft Had Written Nmap

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> http://www.counterhack.net/base_clippy_image.html

> Enjoy :-)

Nice!   :)


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If Microsoft Had Written Nmap

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Quote:> http://www.counterhack.net/base_clippy_image.html

> Enjoy :-)

I sure hope they don't take this as a *suggestion*!


Almost as good as the "suicide note".


It's still legal to go .sigless.


1. Having trouble getting good results from nmap.

I am trying to use nmap from a buddies machine to see if my linux box
doesn't have any ports open that I don't know about.  But when I run nmap
it says there are a few ports closed, but the rest are filtered.  I have
apache running on 80, and it doesn't even show up.  I am connected using
time warner rr cable, and people can connect to me from outside.  So what
can I use?  Below is the output from nmap.

(The 1529 ports scanned but not shown below are in state: filtered)
Port       State       Service
1025/tcp   closed      listen                  
1030/tcp   closed      iad1                    
1375/tcp   closed      bytex                  
1400/tcp   closed      cadkey-tablet          
1401/tcp   closed      goldleaf-licman        
1469/tcp   closed      aal-lm                  
1493/tcp   closed      netmap_lm              
1494/tcp   closed      citrix-ica              
1538/tcp   closed      3ds-lm                  
2016/tcp   closed      bootserver              
2022/tcp   closed      down                    
2023/tcp   closed      xinuexpansion3          
2605/tcp   closed      bgpd                    
5302/tcp   closed      hacl-cfg                
5432/tcp   closed      postgres                
5715/tcp   closed      prosharedata            
5998/tcp   closed      ncd-diag                
6142/tcp   closed      aspentec-lm            
8080/tcp   closed      http-proxy              
9992/tcp   closed      issc                    

Nmap run completed -- 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 152 seconds

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