Text Reader in SPANISH language

Text Reader in SPANISH language

Post by Juan Suar » Mon, 25 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Hi !

If any one is interested in a Text Reader program in SPANISH language, it is
available the new version : jleerv12.zip, under request to the author:

or FTP at SimTel and mirrors:


(Till now it was available there the previous version jleerv11.zip, and
hopefully will be updated soon to the new version jleerv12.zip, that is quite

It is made at request to imitate the voice of any person required. It requires
Windows 3.1, a minimun 386 with 4 MegaBytes of Extended Memory and a sound
card compatible to SoundBlaster-16..

Thanks for your interest.

Juan Jose.

 /  Oz  \   7/94 Beach Rd.         Melbourne - 3194 - Australia
 \_,--._/   ph: (03)9584-2620      MelbPC User Group


1. How may I install the spanish language to my slackware KDE?

I have been all over looking at docs and other resources arround the
net with no success

   My system is Slackware 8.1 with full install, and want to setup KDE
to work with the spanish language:

   I wen to 'Control Panel' > 'Personalization' > 'Country and

   Then chose Mexico, but its only available language is 'english'
instead of 'Spanish'.

   There is an option to REMOVE 'English' but no option to ADD another
language; I think this section should have a simple window to select
the language file out of the internet (just in case a developer is
reading) like so 'http://i18n.kde.org/pub/i18n-es.tar.bz2' (This link
wont work, its an emacple!) built into KDE, and then let it deal with
athe rest of the process.

   Enlightenment accepts compressed theme files.tar.gz directly so
this is a nice direction.

   Well back to my problem ;D

   I alreeady downloaded the correct i18n-es.tar.bz2 or whtever file
fro the net, and found NO documentation as to how EXACTLY whoud I
proceed to install this language into my running KDE:

   Shouldnt a simpe installation instruction be inside of this archive
at leaset?

   Where is that magical 3 step doc that will help me install it?

   Who should I tell that this feature whould be part of KDE? ;)

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