Looking For Ideas On New Linux Ftp Site Orgarniztion

Looking For Ideas On New Linux Ftp Site Orgarniztion

Post by mdea » Sat, 01 Jun 1996 04:00:00

Hi there! I will be starting a linux ftp site maintained on ftp.cdrom.com
and am looking for suggestions on how people out there in netland (linux
users too) would like to see it organized. I would be especially gracious
of any suggestions on how to improve on shortcomings seen on other

To date I have already decided to (pending responses):

  A. Implement instant incoming directory --> category placement daemon so  
     that known uploaders of new software versions will not have to wait
     for a maintainer to place their files.

  B. Maintain software by three main codes:
        Author Code i.e :  JJW01       ( 3 characters and 2 numbers )
        Key Code i.e    :  GCCELF      ( up to 8 characters)
        Version Code    :  19963005    ( 8 Digits for the date )
        Redistributable :  Y           (Y/N Redist or not)

  C. My primary goals in starting this site are:
        1. Non redundancy of software, there won't be any distributions
           here there is already plenty of places for that.
        2. Effective use network bandwidth. We have it so why not use it?
        3. One stop shopping center for people searching for that certain
        4. Future implementation of an archive search engine via web
        5. Well organized by TITLE, AUTHOR and SUBJECT.
            I was actually thinking about using a dewey decimal type
            system here.  
        6. Instant version control.
        7. Ability tp update to new versions direct from the authors orig
        8. Extensive use of sym links to maintain multiple versions but
           allow URLs to always point to the newest version. e.g. native
           file names almost always have versions numbers.

    D. Any input you can offer is greatly appreciated and I will attempt
        to respond to all letters.

                                        Thanx JJW


Looking For Ideas On New Linux Ftp Site Orgarniztion

Post by Robert Woodco » Thu, 06 Jun 1996 04:00:00

Quote:>        3. One stop shopping center for people searching for that certain
>           file.

I have yet to see a place with everything you need for the latest kernels
in one dir. (procps, pppd, kerneld...)

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1. FTP: New Linux FTP site: ftp.kernel.org


Transmeta Corporation is proud to sponsor a new Linux FTP site:


Currently, ftp.kernel.org contains the Linux kernel and a set of
mirror sites; in the future, we hope to make space available for users
to publish packages directly.

We are currently connected via a T1; plans are to upgrade to 10 Mbit/s
in the near future.

This site is accessible via:

        FTP             ftp://ftp.kernel.org/pub
        HTTP            http://ftp.kernel.org/pub
        NFS             ftp.kernel.org:/pub
        SMB/CIFS        \\ftp.kernel.org\pub



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