SMP in CT magazine (translation from German)

SMP in CT magazine (translation from German)

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Translation of a long article from the German in this month's
C'T computer magazine (issue 13, 1998) on Linux and
SMP (symmetric multi processing)
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   Linkname: Symmetrical Multiprocessing with Linux

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        The magazine itself covers many platforms, and
has many full text articles in German with a few
translations to English.

        But you might give a URL of an article to
Altavista's translation devices and see what their
Systran translation pairing can do from German-English,
or German-French etc.
        Also at:
there is a discussion of the Cologne Linux meeting and
the confrontation between KDE and Gnome-E developers and
the battle for the Linux desktop

                                        D. Say


1. COMMERCIAL: German Linux Magazine 04/97


The 04/97 Edition of the German Linux Magazine
( will appear on 17 March 1997.
A lot of the articles are online already. If you
are able to read German, give it a try. If not, our
covers are certainly worth looking at them! :-)

Instead of posting the exact content, here are some highlights
of the past months. We had articles about

DCF77, burning CD-Roms with X-CD-Roast, Debuging with GDB und
DDD, Xi, MuPAD, LEDA, PLplot, Bash2.0, Drag & Drop with OffiX
SVGATextCalc, Linux Filessystem Standard, AWK, Termcap and Ncurses,
RT++, SWIG, Tcl/Tk, Python, ISDN, Java JDK, MusiXTeX, PHP/FI,
Qt, V, XForms and other QUI-Toolkits, Teleinfo CD,
CORBA and ILU, Fido-Net and Fido-Point, Linux and Mac
networks, Acrobat Reader 3.0, Wabi2.2, Applixware, Wordperfect and
Caldera Open Linux Base, StarOffice, GGI, Bliss-"Virus", xmbase-grok,
Iomega Zip Drive, Linux/Alpha, Kernel modules, FVWM2-95,
Series about TCP/IP, CGI, Software Law, OOP-Design, Man-Pages,
Perl, Seymour Cray, Emulators (Z81, Stella, iNES und Virtual Gameboy,
XZX, Vice, STonX und UAE and others to come), some Interviews (Sixt,
Harald Koenig, Harald Milz, Matthias Kalle Dalheimer, Louis Monier ...)
and a lot more.

Have fun and thanks to the Linux community. Without the cool
software published all the time, we would be nothing.

The German Linux Magazine started October 1994 and tries
to make most of the articles online available. If you have
questions or want to order the magazine, please send requests to

- --

Tom Schwaller
Linux-Magazin Verlag
Stefan-George-Ring 19
D-81929 Munich


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