The DEBIAN/HP connection!

The DEBIAN/HP connection!

Post by Charlie Eber » Wed, 29 May 2002 20:46:50



1. Debian Apt-get won't work through win98ICS connection- but everything else does


I have a debian machine hooked up via ethernet crossover to my win98
machine. The win98 machine is sharing it's dialup connection; it has ICS
enabled. The win98 machine has a local IP of with netmask The debian box has an IP of with netmask I've told the debian box that the gateway is the win98
machine I've also put in the DNS servers of my ISP in the
resolv.conf file. They're also in the win setup too. I have no firewall on
either machines.

The debian machine can ping the win machine. It can ping the dns servers.
It can ping most sites and resolve most sites. But whenever I tried to apt-
get a site, it won't connect. The furthest it's gone has been 0% [waiting
for file]. I've tried http connection and ftp, neither work. Apt did work
at one point through through the debian box's old modem.

I don't want to reverse the connections. I don't wnat to use the debian
box's modem anymore. I want the linux machine to apt-get through the
windows connection. Any ideas how I might get this to work?


I'd be happy to supply more info.

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