new series looking at inexp. intranet platforms (particularly Linux)

new series looking at inexp. intranet platforms (particularly Linux)

Post by k.d. » Thu, 08 May 1997 04:00:00

Hello folks,

I am doing a four-part series on inexpensive intranet servers for
Intranets Unleashed (, the Website for the
SAMS publishing book of the same name. The series is called "A Fistful
of Pennies," and it focuses on inexpensive or free hardware, OSes,
Webservers and SQL databases. It looks at Linux's cross-platform support
in the hardware article from last week, and this week's article reviews
Linux itself and other free UNIXes. That article will be up on Friday.
Please check it out (under Whitepapers). If you know of someone who is
looking at running a site on NT, or are in the process of making that
decision yourself, take a look at this series.



1. New intranet platform

Jpub ( is a new integrated intranet platform
developed under

the GPL in Java, using Linux as the development platform. It's based on

concept that intranets are intrinsically different from public web sites

require a server technology of their own. This includes user tracking, a

flexible permissioning system, a kind of "GUI" and what we call a
"virtual file

system". With jpub, creating new web pages is just as easy as typing a
letter -

and simply done in your browser. But we need good coders to help us.


2. Let's all try to get along

3. Domino Go Webserver

4. Intranet platform jpub - new version

5. Bind Configuration

6. Unix scripting question

7. New intranet platform

8. Web-based Internet/intranet application platform

9. Virtual hosts, development platform, Intranet and SSI

10. Integrated intranet platform

11. Web-based Internet/intranet application platform