Linux olvwm under DEC OSF/1 / DEC UNIX?

Linux olvwm under DEC OSF/1 / DEC UNIX?

Post by Indigo J » Mon, 11 Mar 1996 04:00:00

At my university most of the computers are DEC ALPHAs which run DEC OSF/1
and a more recent version called Digital UNIX.   Both of these are POSIX
compatible, like Linux.   Is it therefore possible to port the version of
the OpenLook Virtual Window Manager to the DEC platforms since here we
only have TWM and Motif.   If so what is the address of the site I need
to get it from and what is the name of the file that has the olvwm source

Please email me privately.


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1. AMD running on OSF/1 (dec/alpha) version 3.2 run on OSF/1 4.0?


        I have a configuration of AMD built under OSF/1 version 3.2

running on OSF/1 version 4.0.  

        I am experiencing a large amount of NFS timeouts and retrys

to remove files between to OSF/1 (dec/alpha) systems.

        One system is running the OSF/1 3.2 OS and the other is running

4.0 OS version.  Both running the same AMD build; (AMD version

%amd -v <cr>


Copyright (c) 1990 Jan-Simon Pendry
Copyright (c) 1990 Imperial College of Science, Technology & Medicine
Copyright (c) 1990 The Regents of the University of California.
Unofficial patch level 102.
amd of 1992/05/31 16:53:21 bsd44-beta #0: Tue Sep 10 14:01:39
EDT 1996

Map support for: root, passwd, nis, ndbm, file, error.
FS: ufs, nfs, nfsx, host, link, linkx, program, union, auto, direct,
    toplvl, error.
Primary network: primnetname="" (primnetnum=1).
No Subsidiary network.

        Does anyone have any experience with this type of problem?

        Thanks in advance.

Mark Purinton
(617)-891-0000 x282 LAB x-421
BGS Systems, Inc.
Waltham, MA.

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