The tighter the grip, the more that slips away!!

The tighter the grip, the more that slips away!!

Post by cybea » Fri, 11 Apr 2003 01:45:59

MS license enforcement drives more into the OSS camp!

Thanks for the help, MS!


1. Gripped with grip

I've just started using grip to re-rip all my CDs in ogg format.

What a great program! It does everything automatically, meaning all I
have to do is feed it a cd, and leave it be until the cd ejects, and
throw in the next one. The Xing ripper was never that easy.

Not only that, but I can happily and safely listen to music, browse the
web, and do whatever else I want to do without getting paranoid about
generating errors in my ogg files. I could never do that in windows, the
slightest strain on the system and my ripped files would be full of

If the author didn't mention in the man page that he is bogged down with
email, I would send him a thankyou note.

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