Novell's copyright issues are 'not important', says SCO

Novell's copyright issues are 'not important', says SCO

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SCO: We'll see Novell in court
David Becker  June 02 2003

Novell's copyright issues are 'not important', says SCO - but the case
may well end up being settled in court

SCO Group executives said last Friday that the company's copyright
dispute with Novell doesn't affect its legal campaign against Linux, but
the issue may result in a lawsuit, anyway.

"The copyright issues are not important to our current enforcement
actions and anything happening in the marketplace," he said.


1. Linux scales better than Windows says Intel,,,t269-s2135702,00.html
Intel makes 'linear scaling' Linux server
Stephen Shankland June 06 2003

Intel has found that when its Itanium servers are running Linux, their
performance can be scaled upwards by adding processors, without losing
any efficiency

Intel has found that a 32-processor Itanium server running Linux can
rival Windows and Unix servers in database performance, a major
accomplishment for the comparatively young operating system.

Sunil Saxena, Intel's principal engineer for the Linux operating system,
described the result at the Enterprise Linux Forum in California on
Thursday. "We're very close" to reaching the 600,000
transaction-per-minute level on a database server speed test called TPC-C.

The current top score on the Transaction Processing Performance
Council's TPC-C is 707,000 transactions per minute, held by a
Helwett-Packard Windows server using the forthcoming Itanium 2 6M processor.

Intel began its testing on a four-processor Hewlett-Packard rx5670
Itanium server with a forthcoming version of Oracle's database software
and Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 2.1. That system produced a score of
81,000 on the TPC-C test last November, a result Oracle and others
loudly trumpeted.

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