Apple Quicktime (was: Re: Typical Linsux..They can't even view their own movie!!!)

Apple Quicktime (was: Re: Typical Linsux..They can't even view their own movie!!!)

Post by Nigel Feltha » Mon, 08 Jan 2001 09:07:11

I thing it is time that all linux supporters here started writing to
software companies
to ask where to obtain there product for linux as this should guarantee the
of more software.

I know that products like Xmovie can play many formats including many
variants but we would be better off in this case having the full real
product so I have
emailed apple asking where I can download their quicktime plugin for linux.
I would
appreciate it if all other linux users also made this request at:-



1. Typical Linsux..They can't even view their own movie!!!

Doesn't Linux Netscape have a plugin for this?  I've used a RealPlayer plugin
for Linux's Netscape with success.  Not that I'm crazy about RealPlayer, but
hey, it might play QT videos.

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