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Hello. My name is Cecil Farrell, and I run Win95 and Linux. I ran OS/2
for a while, also. I plan to study CS at Sam Houston State University.
When I go, I will take a laptop with win95 and Linux with me. I
consider software as tools. There are tools that entertain(Red Alert,
Quake,  Civ2), and tools that are used for productivity(Generic Word
Proccessor). I lurk in this newgroup and read. And read some more. And
some more... I just would like to say that if Linux is appropriate for
the work at hand, then so be it. If win95, or OS/2 is appropriate,
then use that. I would not use Linux for everything, because then I
would not be able to run good programs that I have paid good money
for. This is not to imply that all commercial stuff is good. Far from
it. But if I were to say I will use only OS X, and never use another,
I would be cutting off my nose to spite my face(IMHO). If I were a
carpenter, it would be foolish to use a saw and throw all other tools
away. "I love my saw, and to hell with the rest of that garbage." I
would be crippling myself. These are my views, and I am curious as to
the number of people out there that agree with them. Thanks for your


1. Best FS, IMHO :)

To me the best setup (filesystem) wise is UMSDOS.  Before I redid my linux
box the way it is now I had a lot of growing pains.  I would partition
my HD 50/50, but sometimes I felt like I needed more stuff on the DOS
partition than in Linux and vice versa.  UMSDOS (for those who dunno) is
like having a unix fs on top of a dos fat.  With UMSDOS you need not worry
about partitions, its all in one disk and you can go whichever way.

Another nice thing is the HOWTO-Tips faq.  I share a partition between
Windows & Linux for swapping.  There's probably a better way (using the
Windows swap file?) of doing this but I've been too busy :).

Well, thats all yer gonna get from me,



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