The Cause (was: What Linux needs to gain popularity)

The Cause (was: What Linux needs to gain popularity)

Post by Jim Phillip » Sat, 22 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Ok, until someone thinks of something better which shouldn't be hard, I'm
going to name this project "The Cause".  Please think of something

The thread has been going now for awhile and everyone generally agrees
that it is a good thing in concept.  Now, to hopefully take this beyond
the level of simple debate.

First thing's first.  We'll need a temporary home until it's gotten to the
point that there is a sufficient base to take it to ALPHA and move the
project to a real ftp site like sunsite or tsx.  I don't have the net
resources at the moment to provide a home, so we need someone to
volunteer.  Any Linux junkies around with a few megs of HD on the net to

willing, and I'll pick one and then announce it under this thread.

Second we'll need imaginative people to start coming up with ideas for a
unique interface.  Remember, X has now graphical limitation, so be as
creative as you want, but also keep in mind this has got to be a usable
system.  If you have an idea and a paint program, by all means create a
"screenshot", and if you don't have a paint program, a detailed
description will be fine.  If you don't have an idea but are artistically
inclined, download a text description that someone has written up and
create a "screenshot" based on it.  When we get a home, you can start
uploading items to it.  Basically what I want is design sketches for an
interface.  Hell, we could even go with something VR based as long as it
stays down to earth as far as hardware it requires..

Third, once we get a few serious sketches in (I know there will be a few
off-the-wall unrealistic ideas), we'll need to put together a team to
start crunching out a real design specification and put together a spec
sheet.  It'll probably take awhile to get the first two things done, but
we will probably want to start putting together this team ahead of
schedule.  I don't actually expect to get a huge amount of input here, so
applications will be a simple e-mail message to me

Let's make this thing happen..
        Jim Phillips


1. Why does Linux need to gain popularity?

: People who use Linux seem to be happy with it.  Why is "popularity"
: considered desirable?  I suppose there's the issue of application
: pull (more popular => more native Linux apps), but on the other hand

     Applications is all.. but really those who use it can get by with
several of the things already there. Plus its popular enough now that major
companies are starting to port software to put out versions for linux. As for
a larger userbase. I see enough dumb questions from ppl using other
operating systems and even linux users just because they forget rule #1 RTFM


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