Linux PPP + NT RAS + Callback ? Help needed.

Linux PPP + NT RAS + Callback ? Help needed.

Post by Jan Forsbl » Thu, 05 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Is it possible to connect to Windows NT RAS server with callback and
how to do this.

I use account on NT RAS server which has no callback and it works

I have another account which would have callback on the same RAS
server but I don't know how to configure Linux to use it.

I use normal pppd which came on Debian package.
If I use same kind of settings, Linux calls to my server, authenticies
the user and the server calls to my machine. But now what. pppd isn't
answering of course, and I can't create a chat script which calls to
my server, waits for RING and answers with ATA since the ring never
comes unless the PAP protocol authenticies me after chat has exited.


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