Why the ppp over modem in linux slow?

Why the ppp over modem in linux slow?

Post by Dionyshs Papadopoul » Wed, 24 Sep 1997 04:00:00

Hi .I just installed linux(debbian 1.3.1) after a long run in win95
 and os/2
I have the following problem:
i get 3k/sec maximum speed in ftp of ZIP files using ppp
over a 28.8 modem connection
I get 0.3KB/sec more in all other system i use ppp
Is there something i can do to have the 3.3KBytes/sec
or there is a bug in linux ppp?(i heard several other people
having max 3k/sec with 28.8K connection).
  If it is a bug it a MAJOR BUG and must become #1
priority of linux developers as 0.3KB/sec les means about
2MB/hour less than the other systems


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Can anyone suggestt why this is happenning?

Thank's for your help.

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