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[quote about difference between coop multitasking and pre-emptive]


>I think there is one thing that must be clearly stated: MS-Windows uses
>cooperative multitasking, wheras a 'good' multitasking OS uses preemptive

>This cooperative multitasking deal is in my opinioun _the_ reason why
>MS-Windows can still hang itself.


There is another one: no part of the BIOS and no DOS primitive is re-entrant,
and all these completely prevent any programmer to use a safe multitasking
environment. I know some co-op OSes which hang themselves much less than win.
Just because it is sometimes possible to take the control back. It is NOT
possible under windows without a special implementation.

PS: Does WinEMU intend to choose to completely re-write win primitives to
make them cleanly re-entrant? If it is so, I use any beta of it instead of
the Mickey$oft patented one...



1. Is Windoze 3.11 pre-emptive?

I am posting here to verify a suspicion I have about windoze.

1)      It is possible for one Windoze app to read the memory of another
        since there is no good memory protection..  T/F

        (IE:  I have noticed that if one app crashes, the whole OS

2)      It is possible for one windoze app to hog the CPU indefinitely.
        (IE:  I came across some source to draw fractals under Windoze,
        and the app has to surrender the CPU "in case" something else
        has to use it... ;-)

Let me say that I have run Linux for around a year now, and I've only
crashed the OS twice in that whole time.  One time I fork bombed myself
as an experiment.  (DOH!)  The other time I ran out of memory doing a
ray trace.  I find that good memory management is one of Unix(Linux)'s
strong points.

Nigel Stewart - Computer Science - RMIT, Melbourne, Australia.

The young know the rules, the old know the exceptions.

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