mono ?

mono ?

Post by john bai » Thu, 24 Apr 2003 19:50:42

anybody here use mono?

i was really reluctant to jump into .net development because linux is
going to replace windows, but mono ( from website/screenshots) looks
really promising and i can port all my c# knowledge to gnome


1. XF86 Mono + Hercules Mono card ?

Hi All,

I have a 486DX/2-66 with a Hercules mono card running
Linux (kernel 2.0.30).  According to the packaging
(S.u.s.e. 5.0) it appears to support the card but
when I try to 'startx' it chucks out all the monitor
definitions and then aborts because it can't find
one that fits !.  XF86config has configured X to use
XF86mono.  XF86setup doesn't work because it wants
to use the 16 colour VGA X server.

Can anyone confirm or deny that this works and if it
does what the appropriate entries are.

The reason I'm asking is that some packages won't
install without X and I thought if it is supported
then you might as well see if it works.

Before anyone says that monitors are 10 a penny, they
are not here in Germany (they want $200 for a 14"
monitor!).  I have a Miro 20SD 2MB video card (S3 868)
but no monitor and am trying to use what hardware I have.

Jeremy Brown, Dr. Materna GmbH, Dortmund, Germany
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